Form of competition U17-U15

Game time 4 x 8 minutes effective time.

All forms of defence are allowed.

Tie games will be decided with a 2 minute overtime until there is a winner.

Playoff with final and bronze game and games for positions.

Form of competition U14-U13

Game time 4 x 6 minutes effective time.

No form of zone defence are allowed.

No full court press when the lead is 20 points or more.

Tie games will be decided by “Sudden death” except in the finals where a 2 minute overtime will be played until there is a winner.

Depending on how many teams that are participating, there will be either B-playoffs or games for position. If there is a B-playoff there will only be a final game (no bronze game).


All teams are guaranteed at least 4 games with the exception if any team is being disqualified or not showing up to the games (WO).

There are no maximum number of players in the squads. (Medals for 12 players and 2 coaches)

Teams are allowed 1 timeout per half and a 3 minute halftime break.

The 24 second rule will be called by the referees.


The protest must be written down and delivered to the cup office at the latest 30 minutes after the game have ended. At the same time a fee of 500 SEK should be paid. If the protest is approved the protest fee will be refunded. The decision from the tournament jury can´t be overruled.

Ball size

Boys U17-U15 plays with ball size 7.

Boys U14-U13 plays with ball size 6.

Girls U17-U13 plays with ball size 6.

The teams are responsible to bring their own basketballs for warmup. The game ball will be chosen from the home team.